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Transmissions From the End of the World
film & music coming 2010




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"Transmissions From the End of the World" is a film and musical exploration of isolation in 8 movements. As a continuation of what was started in 2005 on "The Failure of Shortwave Radio" and again in 2006 with "Insomnia", the use of shortwave radio and broken mixtures of traditional American folk instrumentation with electronics makes this an identifiable extension of the TMCA sound. Add to that a new and completely original film shot in the most isolated and remote areas of America's Southwest, "Transmissions" marks a new level of multimedia interpretive art.
"Transmissions" is not your usual CD music release. This is the film version of the "Transmissions" album on traditional DVD Video with a special DVD ROM folder containing the music in MP3, AAC, and CD quality AIFF files to place directly into your music software or playing devices. All without restrictive copy protection encryption.
  This DVD also contains, as a bonus feature, the entire film version of the 2005 TMCA release "The Failure of Shortwave Radio". That's two full TMCA films on one disc!


Recidivism Cover music released 2007

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"Recidivism" is a collection of unreleased tracks from "The Failure of Shortwave Radio" and "Insomnia" albums, and remixes by The Moscow Coup Attempt and Defrag. "Recidivism" includes remixes of the tracks "The Failure of Shortwave Radio pt.1", "Phone Tap", "Vultures", and "Do You Fear Sleep?".
Recidivism is a download only release



Insomnia Cover

film & music released 2006

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“Insomnia,” is a continuation and expansion of the ideas and themes expressed on the 2005 release “The Failure of Shortwave Radio.” Starting where the first album leaves off, “Insomnia” is an uninterrupted 6-movement piece covering 40 minutes of sound and film. The album features the beautiful vocal work of Vera Ostrova on the track “Do You Fear Sleep?” The last portion of the album takes the form of a hypnosis inducing recording of a truly amazing Numbers Station combined anomaly.
The LIMITED EDITION “Insomnia” comes not only in music form, but also as a film on the special CD/DVD combo release.


the failure of shortwave radio

The Failure of Shortwave Radio Cover

music released 2005

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"The Failure of Shortwave Radio" was the first release from TMCA. The album is a stream of unconscious interpretation of failures in communication of not just nations, but persons. A grand scale assessment of individuals.
The artistic base of influence for the album lies in "Numbers Stations” and their influence on world politics, the cold war, espionage, and musical themes. Many of the motives of "The Failure..." are derived from the musical interludes of these Numbers Stations. "The Failure of Shortwave Radio" attempts to capture the creepy and mysterious essence of Numbers Stations as a broader outlook on humanity and breakdowns in communication wrapped up in the music. What appears on the surface to be an ambient electronic adventure turns into the soundtrack of a film. The purpose is to wrap the listener in an environment that is comfortable, yet unnerving... like a good suspense-thriller.